Wine List

Red Wine

Indian red wine (Nashik/India) 0,2 l 7,50€
A smooth, medium-bodied food friendly red wine accentuated by ripe cherry and plum fruit, with attractive aromas of black pepper. 0,5 l 15,50€
0,75 l 22,50€
Zweigelt QbA (Austria/Kamptal) 0,2 l 9,50€
Johann Topf dry, deep dark Zyklamfarbe, ripe wild berries on the palate, rich in extracts, fruity. 0,5 l 19,50€
0,75 l 29,50€
Cabernet Sauvignon DOC (Italy/Trentino) 0,2 l 7,50€
Dry, slightly spicy bouquet, with nuances of different berries, full-bodied. 0,5 l 15,50€
0,75 l 22,50€
Selection Shiraz (Australia/New South Wales) 0,2 l 7,50€
De Bortoli, interesting bouquet in spices, chocolate and berry flavors, complex aromas of ripe, dark fruit and mocha and cedar. 0,5 l 15,50€
0,75 l 22,50€
Nero D´Avola IGT (Italy/Sicily) 0,75 l 24,50€
Casa Vinicola Botter, dry, tasty, fruity, soft, light chocolate notes and Chassis  
Raiza Rioja DOC (Spain/Rioja) 0,75 l 29,90€
Vicente Grandia, dry, elegant, vanilla, black fruit, aged a total of 12 months in oak barrels  

Rose wine

Provence Rose AC (France/Provence) 0,2 l 7,50€
Chateau Roquefort – Corail dry, fruity, spicy rose, pleasant notes of red berries, quince and a touch of lemon peel. 0,5 l 15,50€
0,75 l 22,50€
Ca die Frati Rose DOC (Italy/Valle Central) 0,75 l 36,00€
Riviera del Garda Bresciano, unfolds in the glass with a brilliant salmon rose and a delicate and refreshing scent of hawthorn and wild berries.  

White wine

Indian white wine (Nashik/India) 0,2 l 7,50€
Herbaceous, crisp and dry, with aromas of bell peppers, freshly cut green grass and refreshing acidity on the palate. 0,5 l 15,50€
0,75 l 22,50€
Green Veltiner QbA (Austria/Wagram) 0,2 l 7,50€
“Gmörk” Anton Bauer, dry, delicate flavor with fine pepper some citrus and fresh lemon balm. 0,5 l 15,50€
0,75 l 22,50€
Lugana DOC (Italy/Lobmardei) 0,2 l 9,50€
Tenuta Roveglia, dry, bright, intense bouquet of grasses and green apples , delicate and fruity 0,5 l 19,50€
0,75 l 29,50€
Chardonnay db (Australia/Bibul) 0,2 l 7,50€
De Bortoli, dry, aromas of tropical fruits with a hint of vanilla , full-bodied taste 0,5 l 15,50€
0,75 l 22,50€
Würzburger Stein QmP (Germany/Franken) 0,75 l 39,00€
Silvaner Cabinet Staatlicher Hofkeller, dry, racy, in body and expression finest fruit flavors, distinctive.  
Spritzer 0,2 l 4,90€
red or white wine 0,5 l 8,90 €

Sparkling wine

Prosecco Spumante DOC (Cantina Soligo / Italy) 0,2 l 5,50€
0,75 l 16,50€